Leaves on this Family Tree

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Home Tour

Looking at the house from the south east.
LOVE my new tree . . shades the house
yet the living room windows are free and clear of branches.
Single window is guest bedroom.
Three windows on the far right are in the craft room.

Entering front door,
looking through the living room into the dining room.
The patio doors are at the back of the dining room.
There is a coat closet behind the door.

Looking in the same direction . . .
the garage door is in the dining room and the fireplace is on the far left.

Fire place and front windows.
Between the living room windows and the patio doors
this area is so bright!

Front windows.
I'm thinking of just using the green valances
that match the curtains on the patio doors,
for the living room windows.
Then, maybe, adding some sheers over the bottom half of the windows.
Looking from the garage door
through the dining room into the kitchen.

Standing at the back door, or, as I call it,
Indy's door since it leads directly to her fenced in part of the back yard,
looking through the kitchen into the dining room at the garage door.
The floor is so awesome!
Standing in the hallway looking into the kitchen
 and at the patio doors in the dining room.

Hallway looking from living room,
past the hall closet on the right
and the doorway into the kitchen on the left
where Indy is seated.
Guest bedroom, face the same direction as the living room.
Closet wall is the same wall
 as the coat closet wall in the living room.
Craft Room . . . facing the same direction as the living room.
The right wall is shared with the guest bedroom.

Craft Room

Craft Room
Closet wall is shared with the master bedroom
which can be seen over the husband's shoulder.

Master Bedroom, looking in through the hall doorway,

Standing in the half bath doorway looking into the Master Bedroom . . .
craft room can be seen through the doorway.

Looking from Master bedroom through half bath,
through the back hallway with Indy's door and the door to the basement
and into the kitchen.
You can just barely see the garage door in the dining room.

Main bathroom.
This door is almost across the hall from the guest bedroom.
the toilet is against the wall the toilet is on in the half bath.
the bath tub is on the wall next to the basement stairs. 

Close-up of the cross stitch picture
done by Marlene at Poppy Patchwork.


  1. That's a great house Paula! I especially like the fireplace and the built in oven. Hope you are very happy there.

  2. Haven't visited here in a while and was surprised to see you have moved! How wonderful! Pammy Sue moved, now you and in a few weeks we move too. LOL
    I do love your new home. Looks perfect for your family and will meet all your needs.
    Enjoy making home...I am very happy for you!
    Take care...

  3. Your new home looks such fun, I will post your card now!

  4. Congratulations on your new home. I hope you will be happy there. We had the same color carpet in our old house in Nevada, lol. (The teal color..


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