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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wildlife Rescue Nests

I found a new place on Facebook to support with my crocheting skills . . . Wildlife Rescue Nests . . . Click here for their Web site.

This group, based in Ontario, Canada, shares patterns for crochet or knitted "nests" (which look like crocheted/knitted bowls), "caves" (which are shaped like eggs with openings in the front for those animals who like dens) and "hanging nests" (which are bowls with a flap added to one side which folds over the wires in the cages and buttons on for those who like their nests off the ground.) 

I had a bunch of left over yarn that I wanted to get rid of and this was the PERFECT cause. 

They have a MILE LONG (well, maybe not a  mile, but pretty darned long) list of animal rehabilitaters from around the world. They just listed a group of these places that had yet to receive any "nests." I chose two in Florida to send my "nests" to.

Today I sent out two boxes to these rehabs for their fur and feathered babies. Can't wait to see that they have received them.

Here are the jam packed Large Priority Mail boxes.

Sure made me proud when I mailed them

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