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Monday, September 28, 2015

Before and After . . . Dining Room

The dining room remodel was completed today.
I must say 
our home is so much brighter 
with the updated bath,
dining room and
front porch.

This is a post heavy with photos.
I really should be dusting the room,
but, for the time being,
I am enjoying jut being in it.

Day 1 . . . everything moved out and ready to go.

Day 2 . . . Bathroom and Living room walls done.
Now to finish the outside and kitchen walls.

Looking into the kitchen

Wall and doorway between dining and living rooms.

Grandma's dishes and cabinet.
I just LOVE how it looks in this room now.

Mom's cedar chest under the window.
The grandfather clock the husband's dad
made and Mom's china cabinet
from  her first dining room set.

Mom's china cabinet and
Grandma and Grandpa's Hoosier Cabinet.
To the left of the Hoosier Cabinet is a child's rocker.
(piled with the husband' clothes.)
I never knew we had it until we moved and it showed up.
I'll bet it was Mom's.

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  1. Everything coming together, it's fun finding places for loved items.


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