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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Christmas Tree Doily

The name of the pattern is Crochet Christmas Tablecloth
but I do  believe it should be called
Christmas Tree Doily
since it doesn't fall over the sides of the table.

I can't tell you how many times I got lost on this
but I started another one
and it was SO EASY ! ! ! !

The inner circle is made
then three rows of each tree
are made separately.
Then a round is added that connects the trees.
This is then repeated for the three remaining section of each tree.

I'm not real happy with the bottom border.
But, then again,
this part wasn't included in the pattern I followed.
I "winged it."
So, all in all,
I'm happy.

This picture was taken on the top of Mom and Dad's
Duncan Phyfe Drum Table
Found online . . . prices go from $499 - $1,500 . . .WOWZA

This will fit in the window in the guest bedroom
in our new home in Logan.

By the time we move
this room will be painted grey with white trim.
The Colts (American Football team) poster 
and the dresser on the right wall,
that the previous owners left,
will be gone.

This will be my favorite room to decorate.
I will finally be able to put my Winter Sheep print
up on the wall again.

When we get all settled, I'll post the 
"before" and "after" photos.

Now, you may ask . . . 
"Why haven't you moved yet?"
Well, Gene's body has decided to obtain Gall Stones 
the replacement l ens for the cataract that was removed
has decided to cloud up.

Right now we are waiting to get insurance
approval for an MRI
to see exactly how bad the stones
and the opening from the gall bladder are
so he can get them taken care of.

Then, he was supposed to report for jury duty today
but  he couldn't go because:
  1. He is waiting for confirmation of the okay for the MRI.
  2. He can't drive himself down because he can't see to drive. I have been doing all the driving for about 2 weeks so you can tell that when a man gives up driving duties something is wrong.
  3. He can't read any of the forms he would have to fill out for jury duty.
So, all in all, this has been a rough day.
And I do believe it will get worse
until he gets  those stones out.

Then if we are lucky,
he can get his eye taken care of.

Oh, I forgot to add . . . 
I went to the Dental School last Friday
for a check up and a cleaning.
I am SO LUCKY . . . 
I have two cavities.
Both are located at the bottom of the tooth by the gum line.
Only thing good about them is that they are on the front of my mouth.
The dentist in charge says both will be rough to burr down into the cavity and not get the skin on the gum with it.

Yeah . . . and I have to schedule these around the husband's
gall stones and eye!

THEN, and only then, will we think about finally  moving :(

What's the quote . . .
The best laid plans of Mice and Men . . . . . 

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  1. Hope other half gets some good news soon, and your tooth is sorted. The table is beautiful and LOVE LOVE LOVE your crochet!!!!!!


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