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Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year Projects and Indy's Christmas

I always felt guilty that we had hardwood floors and nothing soft, like carpeting, for the fur-babies to lay on. Well, yes, they do use the sofa and love seat, but sometimes we want those for ourselves.

We had one pillow which was in two sections so it could be folded up and had fabric handles for carrying. Really neat and the covering matched the colors in our curtains. But, alas, it was getting "smooshed" from all the wear.

In came GROUPON . . . some great percentage off of a 4" thick bed. It could be bought in different sizes so we bought the JUMBO for Indy. I wanted to make sure she could stretch out on it.

When it came in was in  plastic bag that I could wrap my arms around. "Oh No" I thought. This looks like it is going to be a lot cheaper than it looked. How can they get a 48" (+/-) x 30" (+/-) dog bed in this. But they did. It was almost flat. Bummer ! ! ! ! Back it would go.

Once it was on the floor, it tarted to expand.  The "pillow" is that foam that is made like an egg carton. And, I'll be damned, it just kept getting larger and larger. By the middle of the next day it had taken on the shape and size promised in the advertisement . . . and it is SO FIRM.

LOADS of room for Indy AND Matthew and Marcus all at the same time.
Here is Indy on her present with her other Christmas Present . . . a Gingerbread Man Stuffie. She basically ignored the stuffie until New Years Eve.

All of her Stuffies are between the foot of the bed and the foot board. When I shooed her off the bed when I was tearing the bedding off to change, she grabber her Ginger Boy. It was funny because she wasn't sure where to grab hold of it. Most of her stuffies have the legs below the body, like an animal, so she grabs the head of the back. This one had appendages in all directions . . . LOLOL

Now, on to my crafting . . . I SO LOVE this doily, Caprice, seems to become my go to doily. I made two for my cousins and actually sent them before Christmas. (Presents for brother and  his family are still sitting here. I figured we would take them home when we moved . . so we will have a LATE Christmas this year.)

Then my mind got working . . . why not make this doily for the two nieces and two nephews for their Late Christmas . . they'll never know.  (Really, they will because I always narc on myself.) LOLOL

Lauren's kitchen accessories are dark blue and her living room sofa is dark blue so viola, a dark blue and cream version.

Lauren has told me that when I make something for Allison to make it in neutral colors. So, again, the cream center but, this time, I added green/gray "flowers."

Now Julie (Matt's wife) was the easy color. Her kitchen is a teal-ish color. I actually had some teal-ish thread. But I wanted the teal to show bright so I made the center in white. The white is a #3 thread while the teal is a #5 (or a little smaller). So I had to "play" with the teal stitches by adding more to the beginning couple of rounds and then, by the time I got to the "pineapple" design for the "flower," I was back at the normal pattern . . only larger/longer due to the "playing" with my stitch count. It came out the biggest yet, and I REALLY like it.

Now, to get busy n Chris' doily. He remodeled his kitchen and went with white and black as his colors. So guess what colors his is?  LOLOL   It should be finished today and starched and blocked tomorrow. Then it will be on to the s-i-l and niece here in New York for theirs.

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