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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Surgery D-Day +3

Thanks for your comment, Marlene and Denise. I told Gene that more people are worried about us than he knows.

Last night, sometime between 10 and 11:00 (I had been sleeping) I got a call.

Unknown Voice: Mrs Tooke, this is 6 West, don't worry, nothing is wrong.

My mind: uh-huh, then why are you waking me up.

My Voice: Yes.

Unknown Voice: We had to move Eugene back down here. His blood pressure went up and 7th floor isn't staffed to take the care of him that we can (or words to that affect.)

My Voice: Okay.

Unknown Voice: We just wanted you to know so when you come tomorrow you don't go to 7th floor.

My Voice: Okay, thank you for calling.

Then I stayed awake wondering what was going on.  But. I know from when Mom was in the hospital and her vitals got bad that is what they did . . called me around 3:00 and said her vitals had changed. I asked if I needed to go to the hospital.. They said, "We can't tell you but her vitals have changed. If you want to come, I will leave word in the Emergency Room so they know you will be coming in their door.

I figured that meant "Get your butt up here." Which I did. When she woke up around 6 she gave e the funniest look. When she asked what I was doing there I said, "I figured this was the happening place and besides, I couldn't sleep." She smiled. She died about 6 that evening. So I am glad I went in.

Back to Gene. This morning was like the morning after surgery . . everybody who hadn't been in there on Tuesday was in there this morning. The assisting surgeon was in and said his blood work from last night looked good so they aren't sure what was up. But they would keep them on 6 West a little longer. (6 West is one step below Intensive Care, so this floor is really hoping. The floor i set up with patient rooms around the outside and nurses stations and other hospital needed rooms are in the center, so there is a hall that circles this nurses/hospital area. There are people walking with their IV's and a nurse or aide almost all the time.

Gene took his walk around 2:00 pm with his physical therapist. He only did one Rnd. She was just wondering if his "episode" last night had done anything to him. She said he wasn't as good as he was yesterday but he was better than he had been on Tuesday.

I told her that he had told me he hadn't slept well last night and he had so many people in and out of the room all morning I thought he was just tired.

His sister and her husband came in around 1:30 and stayed until about 3:00. He was in great humor and we even got a few smiles out of him. But after they left, he wanted to get up. I told him to call the nurse because I couldn't get him up. He wouldn't so I pushed the call button and he got irritated with me. 

I didn't know if he wanted up top get up or if he wanted to stand up so he could re-situate himself  in the chair. I let him stand, hoping it was the second reason. He kept wanting me to back up, which I wouldn't I told him I wasn't going to be responsible for him falling.  He response was "I'm not going to fall, back up!" 

The girl who was cleaning the room finally went to get the nurse. I was glad because no one had answered my pushing the call button so that shows me someone wasn't paying attention to what was going on in room 6613 . . . tomorrow I am checking to see where the call light lights up and tell them why. Not too pleased today.

Right after all of this took place Dr Kukar came in . . I'm thinking, "Oh great! Husband is irritated, nurse has no idea what was up and Gene isn't giving them the full blown description of what went on.

Oh well, such is life. I think I'll ask Dr Kukar how the pain meds he is taking affects the mind because he is still kind of foggy.


  1. Hospital staffing...sometimes they are frustrating. Stop and pick up some pastries. Sugar helps them focus...make sure they focus on Gene. Can't hurt.

  2. If he is on Morphine, that can cause hallucinations. There is a medicine to counteract that, but it is pretty powerful. I hope he improves quickly!

  3. It's still early days yet, but we are all hoping things improve for him and you, remember to get rest for yourself.


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