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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Surgery D-day +2

They aid today would be the worst. It was worse than yesterday. He hurt a lot more and was cranky. But, as I look back on the day, the crankiness came when he couldn't do something he wanted to do like: make his chair move to the position that was comfortable, get himself situated in his chair so he was comfortable, find the cord to the pain meds so he could push the button.

But, basically, he wasn't bad at all. He still slept a lot, but the naps were shorter in duration, but almost as frequent.

The physical therapist came in this morning and was impressed with how much he walked yesterday. When we walked around the floor, she was amazed again at how well he was walking. Now, to get him standing up straighter. But I think the bending is because he is using a walker and can't quite get the hang of where he is to walk in relationship with the walker.

Dr Kukar came in this afternoon, had his scrubs on. I asked him about the drainage tubes. I told him that yesterday they had emptied them about every two hours and that I had been there three hours and they hadn't drained the "balloon-like" bag. He looked at the left one and it had very little in it. When he looked at the right one, he said it could be drained, but it was no where near the amount they drained each time yesterday AND it was more of a yellow orange with some red whereas yesterday it was all red. His comment was, "He still isn't out of the woods (or words to that effect). The color showed the liquid was from the Pancreas (he said Gene's pancreas felt like butter where it i supposed to feel like a sponge) BUT it was moving to the right color so that was good."

He had been told yesterday that he would be moved last night. He was disappointed when I came in that he hadn't been moved. Asked the nurse when he came in and the reason was the hospital was real busy and there were no available bed. Gene could be moved but there was n o place to move him.

I had wanted to stay until 4:00 but by 2:00 I was getting tired and didn't want to drive the 20-ish minutes home sleepy. I woe Gene up and told him. I think he was disappointed but when I said if he wanted me to stay I would. He said to go on home.

I got home about 4 . . had to pay a medical bill, check on a Physical Therapy bill for myself, recycle two bags of pop cans and bottles and go to the grocery so I would have some lunch meat and cheese for the rest of the week. I also picked up a chew bone for Indy. She has been SO  GOOD since Gene has been gone I thought she would appreciate it. (She took it real quick and it has been lying on her pillow ever since.)

I got home and called Gene's sister and filled her in. I no more hung up than Lee (my brother) called for an update. (He can empathize with me. His wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer and made it through all of her treatments and then died from a sepsis infection.) He asked me the questions that only someone who has been through it could ask. He reminded me that I had to take care of myself because I won't be any good if I'm not okay. (almost everyone I talk to remind me of this . . . so I am trying the best I can to keep myself rested and fed.)

When I finally hung up with Lee I get another call. I thought the voice sounded like Gene's but he didn't have a cell phone with him and there were no phones in the rooms where he was. My 1st question. "Where are you?"  His 1st answer was, "I've been trying to get hold of you."

Come to find out they had just moved him to 7th floor, from 6th. This is where they move you before you go home. The hysical therapist said he could go home Friday or Saturday just as long as he can do enough steps to get into the house. If not, he can't go home yet.

So, tonight, I swept the living room and dining room. Stacked 2 packed boxes on the dolly to go out into the garage. Cleaned off one of the end tables so it can go out into the garage. This way Gene will have a clean end table by his side of the sofa and there will be less stuff to clog his way from the living room to the bathroom.

Tomorrow before I leave to go see him I'll take the boxes and end table to the garage. Then bring the doily in when I get home and take two more boxes out . . either Thursday night or Friday morning before I leave.

I still need to clean the floor of the bathroom and kitchen. Then I will feel better about him coming home.

I still want to wash the bedding on our bed so he has a clean bed when he gets to go upstairs. That may be Friday or Saturday. Honestly, I would rather take them to a laundromat o I could wash and dry everything at the same time. Might strip the bed on Friday and stop there when I come home and wash everything then.

I'll bet he sleeps on the sofa for a while. I'll bet those 15 steps to the bedroom will ware him out so the sofa will work until it drives him nuts :)

well, enough for now. It is 9:25 pm. My eyes are finally getting heavy, and feel like the sleep is starting to form on the lashes. Better let Indy out and head to bed so I can be up and going between 8 and 8:30 tomorrow morning.


  1. Sounds like things are headed in the right direction. Thanks for letting us know how things are going. Remember he needs you healthy...they are giving you good advice to care for yourself. Get some sleep.

  2. Thank you for the update, I'm glad to read it, send my regards, and please look after yourself, xxx


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