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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Surgery D-Day +6

For some reason this song is running through my mind: Oh Let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy, rainy day. It isn't raining today and, I've been smiling most of the day.

Indy and I had another night of sleeping well. She didn't wake me up to go out to the bathroom but I woke up twice and, of course, she wasn't going to miss out on any chance to "look over her kingdom."

Slept in until 8:30 which is EARLY for the normal me, but late since Gene has been in the hospital.  Left home and, I swear, the god of the stop lights were on my side. I almost hit all green lights on my way there. Today was the day I should have timed my drive.

Yesterday I must have really been "dead man walking." I didn't remember to take my crochet with me. Honestly, it was a good thing. I don't think I could have made any squares. Well, I could have made them and probably would have had to tear them all out today. 

Today I remembered and finished one square and attached it to the 4 I already have done and joined. Did I tell you all I'm making a table runner for my bff at home who we stay with each time we are home. Well, we did until we got our house. 

I don't know yet if I will make the runner 7 or 9 squares long. I will wet block it when I get 6 joined so I can see how large it looks on a dining room table. Maybe ask Kristi (bff's daughter) about what she thinks of the size. After it'been blocked I'll take a pix to show what's going on.

Now, back to the husband.  I actually remembered to write down the questions I had for Dr Kukar. Here they are with his answers:

  1. Does he have a urinary tract infection? - No UTI. There was some bacteria on the catheter which comes from the environment when it has been in for a while. That's why it was changed.
  2. Is he taking antibiotics? - No antibiotics since he doesn't have any infections.
  3. Is he taking insulin? - Yes he is because the Pancreas isn't in working order yet and he is getting sugar in his IV Nutrition that needs insulin to break it down.
  4. How bad is the seepage from the Pancreas and what happens if it doesn't heal? - He is seeping a lot, more than they like. Tomorrow, (01 February) he is going to get a CATScan to see if he has any "unknown" pockets of seepage in his abdomen. If he does, they will add a drainage tube to that area.
  5. What will happen if the Pancreas doesn't heal? - As long as he isn't getting sick, vomiting, running a temp, they aren't worried. When they introduce food to his non-existent diet, that might help the Pancreas to seal the leak. If not, it should heal over time . . . so I guess the dr doesn't want to go there yet.( He reminded me that Gene's Pancreas was like butter and can I imagine trying to sew something to butter?)
  6. Is there a timeline for his going home? - Not yet. He will be reintroduced to food in a day or two. Dr Kukar looked at me like "Do you want him home now?" I told him I wasn't expecting him home now and hoped he would be in a lot better shape when he got to come home. 
  7. How much and how often will he get Chemo? - He didn't know. The committee on Gene need to meet and discuss his progress and everything else they discuss and then they will decide what, if any, chemo he needs.
  8. Finally, the all important . . . What does the Pathology report say? - He said he didn't have it with him but would go get it printed off and come back and we would discuss it. When he brought it back he went over everything and, in a nutshell, no cancer showed up anywhere else. YEAH ! ! ! ! !
Talked to my brother a little bit ago. I wanted him to hear the latest. He asked, "Are you eating?" 

"Yes Lee, I'm eating. And, as a matter of fact, I think I have only eaten fast food once and it didn't taste that good. So I'm either eating at home or in the hospital cafeteria."

Not only did it make him happy that I was taking care of myself but it made me happy that he asked me :)

On the topic of food, today Gene mentioned food for the 1st time. He said, "Do you know what I would REALLY LIKE? A chocolate milkshake." I told Dr Kukar and that made  him happy that he was starting to think of food.

Also, I went to the cafeteria about 1pm expecting to go back up with a small salad. Bummer, no salad bar :( Probably because the only people who are in the hospital today are the nursing staff doe the 123 beds in the hospital, cleaning persons, and anyone else needed for the patients. No clinics, no treatments, no admitting, no research clinics open. So, basically it is a skeletal staff compared to a week day. I ended up with a grilled chicken sandwich and french fries. When I got back to the room I apologized to Gene. Told him I wanted a salad so it wouldn't smell, Asked if he would like me to go to the waiting room to eat and he thought that would be a great idea. So, he is either starting to think more about food or the smell was making him think of it :) 

When I got back to the room they had finally gotten the blood he needed for a transfusion. His hemoglobin count was low so he needed a "pick me up."

All in all, this camper is a Happy Camper again today. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as eventful.

Oh, forgot . . . one drainage bag is going to be removed, oxygen was removed and some of the monitors on the chest were removed. So that is moving in the right way :)


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