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Monday, February 1, 2016

Surgery D-Day +7 = 1 Week

Cat Scan this morning showed some small pockets of fluid in the abdomen but Dr said not enough to warrant another drain tube.

He got moved to 7th floor which is the one they go to when they don't need as much care. Now, let's hope he stays there. When I left around 5 he was real tired. I asked tired or exhausted. He said exhausted. Don't know why, up until his move at 3:30-ish he was acting normal . . well, normal for him in the hospital.

He is on Clear Liquids now. When we got him settled in his room, his nurse gave me the menu for the cafeteria. He has about 10 items he can order. After his "I just moved to another floor nap" was over, I went over the possibilities. His eyes lit up on Lemon Ice. He said it sounded good. Then, he went back to sleep. I finally called them and ordered a cup of Chicken broth and the lemon ice.

When he finally woke up enough to eat, he said the chicken broth just didn't sound good. But the lemon ice really hit the spot.

While he was eating his doctor came in. He told him to slow down on the food. Basically, it was there just to make him feel better but the nourishment was still coming from the IV. 

Doctor said he would be in a longer than expected which Gene thought was good.

Can't think of anything else for today.

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  1. Lemon ice does sound lovely, nice to hear he is interested in food again. Thank you for the offer of a heart, I really don't mind on the colour, make it in your favorite colour, BUT only make it when you have time and energy, other wise I won't be able to enjoy it.


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