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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Surgery D-day +1

Woke up around 8 this morning . . went to sleep around 11:30 Saw the opening credit to Jimmy Fallon, woke up during part of Dan Patrick's segment, turned off TV and slept until 5-ish when I had to get up an go to the bathroom. 

First night in FOREVER that Indy slept the whole night. I wrote about the night before surgery she was up once or twice an hour and wanted out to go to the bathroom.

Let Indy out, got cleaned up and headed to the hospital. Gene was real busy this morning . . Dr Kukar and his assisting surgeon, (I MUST get her name so I can include her in my blog) both came in along with Physical Therapy, Social Worker, Patient Advocate and I know one or two more.

After 1st walk . . . looking so much better than I expected.
PT took him on a short walk . . down the hall and back . . . probably 40 feet one way. Around 3:00 pm his nurse took him for a walk. This time totally around the section of the floor between the two hallways . . nursing stations are on the ends. This was 4 times what  he walked his 1st time. Then around 5 an aide came in and he walked again . . twice what he did with the nurse and he walked almost as fast as he normally does.

He hasn't used his pain med button as much as I expected. Only concern is he has two drains coming out of his abdomen. The one on the left is draining much. But the one on the right side had to be emptied about every two hours. Dr aid this shows that the Pancreatic Duct hasn't sealed, which it needs to do. I am worried about this since I don't know what the next step will be if it doesn't seal. My worse fear is that something happens and he gets sepsis. My sil died from this, not the cancer that was being treated. But, I must think positively and hope and pray that all of the prayers being said for him are going to pull him through this.

It's 9:26. I'm going to let Indy out and head to bed once the mini-movie I shot this morning loads. It is sideways, but it made me feel so good that he was getting ready to walk and then the nurse came in to take his stomach tube out . . . hope tomorrow is as eventful.


  1. Don't borrow trouble. Remember his pancreas was in bad shape. It will seal. Positive thinking helps. Go to bed and get some sleep. Stay warm!


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