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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Surgery D-Day +17

Absolutely thrilled that nothing new happened today. But sad that Gene will be in the hospital at least through Monday. Dr Kukar wants another CATScan done to see what the liquids in the abdomen look like.

Poor Gene. Not only do I think he looks good but the Physical Therapist he had last weekend saw him walking one of his laps around the floor. She asked "when we got back?" We told her he hadn't left yet. She was surprised. So is everyone who has access to his medical records.

But I keep telling him, "Dr Kukar knows what your insides look like. He knows that as long as you are draining as much as you are (the numbers haven't gone up but they aren't as low as he wants) he wants to keep a close eye on you."

Dr Kukar also asked if Gene knew if they had sent any of the fluid from the drains off to the lab. Gene didn't know she he went and looked. He didn't say when he came back so, I guess, we will need to ask the nurses tomorrow what the results were.

He has now had food for 5 meals. He is doing great. He isn't sick at all. He did order a garden salad today and only ate about half. I think he was tired chewing and feeling full. Still haven't convinced him to get n the five small meals a day . . he is a three meals a day man who is going to have to mend his ways.

I think today I need to add a post that actually explains what type of cancer he had. One day we may need to know it and this will be the backup for our memory.

PS . . . Denise, All I have left to move is a box of Christmas items that are going to Indiana . . . we will either have a late Christmas 2015 or an early Christmas 2016 when we get moved. And one wrapped present what won't fit in the box. Gene decided to give our great niece in Indiana the Cabbage Patch doll his mom had. If we gave it to the great niece here her brother would wonder why she got something and he didn't :(

All I can think of that I need to get before the dietitian has her "here is what you need to know before he actually leaves here for home" talk are some washcloths. I love the old, worn out ones. He keeps talking about how soft the hospital wash cloths are. So that will be a trip to WalMart this weekend for them and, if the dietitian has met with us, I can actually do some shopping too.

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  1. Now is the most frustrating time, feeling good and I want to go home, he's still in there for a reason, best place, you don't want any set backs. xxxx


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