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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Surgery D-Day +16

Yes, today is HAPPY DANCE DAY ! ! ! !

First - the nutritionist came in this morning, around 10:00, with, what I thought looked like, a menu. Yes. That is what it was . . a new menu. He can now have Clear Liquids and foods from thie menu which is a <5 grams  of fat Chylous Diet. Not sure if Gene has a Chyle Leak, but this is  VERY-VERY-VERY Low Fat Diet. 

His 1st meal included Tomato soup, Saltine Crackers, Mixed Fruit (cantaloupe, honey dew and watermelon) and Coffee. He commented on how good the tomato soup tasted.

Second - they took out his catheter. It took him 5 hours and drinking a lot of liquids to pee, but he finally did. Before I left around 5 pm he had peed twice. I tell people I have never been so thrilled for an adult to pee or poop as I have been these last two weeks.

I stayed until Dr Kukar came in. We asked about when the drains would come out and when the stitches would come out. He still isn't sure about the drains but the staples should come out tomorrow . . . . YEAH ! ! ! 

We still don't know when Gene is getting out. But several people (aides, nurses and physical therapists) have aid something about reading in his notes that he was going home n a couple of days.

So, maybe, he will be home this weekend. Then, time to get VERY LOW FAT food and some rest for both of us :)


  1. Time to shop for food! Gene is doing so well - bathroom duty and staples. Those drains may be the last step. Did you get all boxes moved that you wanted? Take care as you prepare for his homecoming!

  2. A huge step forward, great news xxxx


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