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Friday, February 12, 2016

Surgery D-Day +18 and Staples Came Out

We have snow. Leaving the hospital Buffalo was messy. Next is the Village of Kenmore, it was almost spotless from the snow removal. Then the Town of Tonawanda was crappy but Tonawanda was good until I turned on our street. Looked like it might have been plowed at noon :(  Usually our street is one of the first really clean streets. Maybe they are expecting more tonight and are waiting.

As you can tell from the pictures the staples came out today. They took out every other one then put steri strips where they had been and remove the rest and strip them. They said this way the incision doesn't pop open :)  Most came out smooth as silk, a couple made him grimace and the last one, well, the one they tried and left until last took three nurses
trying to remove it. They said it was twisted so it made it harder.

Glimpses of home: Dr Kukar wants to talk to the Infectious Disease doctor to find out what type of antibiotics to send home with Gene. He also wants a CATScan for a last look at the liquid in his abdomen . . . the left drain is back to barely anything coming our but the two right ones are draining as good as ever.

We also will need to have our "going home conference" with the nutritionist. Hopefully that will be a day or two before he leaves so I can do a grocery run for some basics to start out with.

I got him on the list to get a visit from Murphy, the Portuguese Water Dog, who is the Therapy Dog, on Monday. I think that will be pretty neat.

Still need to ask the nurses if they can get hold of Physical Therapy and find out when he can walk, legally, without the walker. I think that as long as he has railings to grab onto he should be find. And his legs aren't weak at all, so I am perplexed. (WOW, now THAT was a $0.50 word!)


  1. His belly looks wonderful. Although his scar will be a conversation piece if he goes without a shirt in summer. A therapy dog? Indy won't do? Who's going to tell her that?

  2. All steps closer to getting home, removing stitched/staples is always a hairy moment, but glad it's all done now.


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