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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Surgery D-Day + 19

I almost forgot to post today. I guess this cold weather has frozen my brain. When I pulled out of the driveway this morning, 7:30ish, it was -1 degrees F. When I was coming home, between 2:30 and 3, it was 4 degrees F . . . the temp had risen 5 degrees . . what a balmy ride home. I should have had the windows down!

Gene's room was so hot today. I am sure I wasn't sweating because I had a thermal weave shirt on with sweat pants. Normally I have a t-shirt under the thermals but I figured today it wouldn't be as warm in the room. F*A*L*S*E ! ! ! ! I wanted to stay until at least 4 but I was so darned hot I had to leave.

One semi exciting happening today. We took a walk down to the Solarium which is what they call the waiting room for the three wings on 7th floor.to look like blue LaBatts, It faces the west and has a wall full of windows. We can see a lot of downtown Buffalo, Lake Erie, First Niagara Center (where our NHL Hockey team, the Sabres, play), the old grain elevatorr that include six that they painted to look like a 6-pack of Labatts beer and the windmills by the lake. It is really a great view. Even yesterday when we had white outs and we couldn't even see the parking garage across the street.

While we were in there Jen, the physical therapist, came in to say hi. Gene has progressed so much that I guess she doesn't need to check on him now. I asked her if he could start walking without his walker. She said if I think he is strong enough she believes me and said ye. But, she said that when he gets home he can walk inside and short distances without it but if he is walking a long distance, gets tired, or feels like his legs are weak to use the walker.

That made me feel pretty good, Another item checked off of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Bucket List. 
Now all we have are:

  1.  2 PICC Lines for the TPN, and I antibiotics, to get rid of. Hopefully, he will be eating more calories so the TPN (nutrition bag) can be done away with. And on Monday maybe Dr Kukar will know what type of antibiotics Gene will be going home with.
  2. Meet with the nutritionist about menus and foods for home.
  3. Three drainage lines that will be with him until the pancreas seals. I am just so thrilled when Dr Kukar says the Pancreas will seal, but it will take time. I know how to empty the bulbs that the drains lead to so there is no problem there.
  4. Make arrangement for Home Health Care who will be visiting to take care of any IV's he may have, check the dressings on the drainage tubes, check the incision AND check Gene in general.
Besides the cold weather this morning, we also got more snow overnight. Our driveway is like a wind tunnel. The wind blows the snows to the east so we have snow between the house and garage and between the house and the drivers side of the car. If I can get my act together tomorrow I'll shovel a path to the garage so I can pick up those red candles and make a path to the drivers side door so I don't have to wade through the snow. Well, maybe not wade, we only go about 3 inches. I told Gene I thought, this morning, "Now remember to go to the basement and get your boot. Then, when you get to Roswell and parked, you can put on your shoes."

Good idea but y boots were in one of the boxes we took to Indiana . . . I was planning on snow, just not snow in New York :)

Oh well . . . guess the shovel will have to do for now.

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