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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Surgery D-Day +9

I think Gene and I are both pretty happy campers today. 

  1. He didn't have to take any "road trips" for any x-rays or anything else. 
  2. He got three walks in between 8:30 (when I got there) and 3:00 (when I left).
  3. He asked me to pick up an electric razor for him. He doesn't like the way they shave him but he is on blood thinners so he can't use a regular razor in case he nicks himself. 
  4. On the way home I did a WalMart run and picked up a razor, some crafty stuff for me, treats for Indy, Matthew and Marcus and a pizza for supper :)
  5. His white blood cell count is coming down. So, hopefully, this means the two antibiotics he is being given is doing its job on the MRSA which they found in his urine. He got it from the the catheter . . removing and reinserting another one.
  6. Dr Reddy told him today that he thinks Dr Kukar will want to take another CATScan on Monday, so we now he will be in until then so looks like at least 14 days in hospital.
  7. The 3rd drainage tube they put n is doing its job. And the other two that he has had seem to be slowing down.
Today he was going through the menu that he can order from. It has everything that can be ordered and all he gets to chose from are Clear Liquids. He makes this comment after reading everything that is available, "I'm ordering one of everything and then busting out of this place!"   He thought he was pretty funny. Instead, he ordered a cup of chicken broth and apple juice.

His sense of humor was back today. When I got there he was awake and was only tired once. So he was, basically, awake all day. Another first :)

I came home yesterday and there was a package of some kind on the front porch. When I brought it in it was a small plastic bin in a Big Lots sack. Inside was a card for me from a our neighbor Jennie. She had loaded the bin with 4 bottles of water, a couple apples, a bunch of Clementines . . which is great because I'm getting low . . . one of those cup-like packages of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies . . they sure hit the spot last night . . . a People Magazine , some chocolate valentines day candy and several other snacks I haven't looked at yet. Now I know what to get someone who has someone in the hospital. This really fit my bill for "treats" and now, I can grab a bottle of water when I leave in the morning instead of a Coke or making myself some lemonade.


  1. Paula, things really are coming around. Sounds like time to heal is the thing. And your neighbor should get a big hug...the perfect gift. Glad she could be there for you. Sorry I've been away the last two days.

  2. A great post to read, smiles here glad he's improving.


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