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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Surgery D-Day +10


Today was a boring day . . . YEAH ! ! ! Nothing exciting, which is a great day in any hospital.

Only two hi-lights
  1. White Blood Cell count went down again.
  2. Didn't need insulin twice today  . . he gets checked several times a day to see if his pancreas is doing it's job . . . it goes up and down . . . hope it stays here forever!
So nothing else to report and I am VERY happy to not have anything. 

Thank you again, Marlene and Denise for helping to keep my spirits high :)


  1. Yes, yes yes! Boring days are wonderful! Now, bring on a continually working pancreas and all is well.

  2. Great news for the start of the weekend, sending loads of huggs, now count the days down until Gene comes home.


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