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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good Heavens

I haven't updated the "Scrolling Marquee" of finished crocheted items on my personal blog. I need to get all of the projects I haven't posted posted. 

Looks like these are the ones that need to be posted. Wonder how many I'll find?

Shamrock Coaster
Nezumi World
Cookies n' Cream Doilies Patricia Kristoffersen

A Cross for Roswell

 March A Cross for Roswell 
is available in my
Craftsy Shoppe and 
for $3.99.

The EBook, Pay It Forward, will include all of the items I have designed while my husband has been on his journey through Duodenal Cancer, from discovery through dismissal from his surgeon. At this time ( it includes the following:

  1. A Mandala for Roswell
  2. A Doily for Roswell
  3. A Cross for Roswell

And remember . . . 
100% of the money paid for any of my patterns supports a No-Kill Maternity dog and cat shelter in Western New York and a No-Kill dog and cat shelter in my hometown in Indiana.


  1. Hello Paula,
    isn't it amazing? I've got plenty of finished projects too that I never came round to post on my blog too. I wonder why though...
    Happy crocheting,

  2. I love them all, but the shamrock coaster is beautiful! It reminds me of a tea pot doily I started years ago (I mean decades), I don't even know if I still have it. I never finished it and could not figure out the joining on the sides. I will have to see if I can find it- or the pattern. The Espresso is amazing!! I would go blind... Lol


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