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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Medical Update

Gene had his 2nd to last "regular" appointment at the GI Clinic Friday. The reason it is the 2nd, not the last, is that the wound on his chest has decided to start seeping again this week. Doctor Kukar was sort of dumbfounded as to why it was doing this since the last catscan showed a minor amount of liquid in his chest cavity.

Doctor needs to talk with the GI Oncology Department to see if and when Gene will need to see them. He said that this is such a rare form of Cancer that there may be some new info out there that the Oncology Department has that he hasn't seen yet.

Before Gene had his surgery he met with Dr Ma from this department about what type of chemotherapy or radiation he would need. Dr Ma said that when this surgery was successful there was nothing left cancerous so he didn't know why he would need anything. But, Dr Ma will be leaving Roswell Park Cancer Institute on May 1 for Mayo Clinic. So we will see who Gene needs to meet with this time. 

Dr Kukar's "Espresso" Doily
This time I took the doilies I had made for Dr K, Dr Al-Sukhni and Maureen, since I didn't know if and when we would be going back.
Maureen and Dr Kukar both liked theirs. Dr K said his wife would really like it since she likes "things like this."

Maureen Brady's "Summer Splendor" Doily
Dr Al-Sukhni was in Brazil, as in South America, so Maureen said she would put hers on her desk so she will have it as soon as she returns.
Dr Al-Sukhni's "Caprice" Doily
Last night Gene said he thought they were really surprised when I gave the doilies to them. I think so too. They probably don't get handmade things from the patients very often.


  1. It's nice to be able to say thank you, and your doilies are so personal.

  2. What a nice thing for you to do. I hope they will be able to figure out what is causing the seeping. Hang in there!

  3. Good thoughts. Maybe this opening/drainage is just being weird. Glad to hear the docs liked their gifts.


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