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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Indy, patiently waiting to how the flower beds off.
Mom said I could take you on a tour of our front and back yard since the guys were here on Wednesday. o I patiently waited at the fence to the back yard until she was ready to go.

She talked to the man who mows our grass about reseeding the back yard, or as I call it, my bathroom. She asked them to mulch the flower beds and reseed the back yard. 

Mowed front yard and cleaned-up flower bed.

When she and Dad got home she thought the Shoemakers Elves were there. Three guys were busily working. They had edged the front flower bed, pulled out the major weeds and were spreading mulch. 

Front flower bed . . all trimmed out and mulched.

Flower bed by Leona's house.
In the backyard . . WOW . . . they were pulling weeds in the bed next to Leona's house and cutting back all of the dead stalks on the peonies and rose bushes on the opposite side of the yard.

Man, talk about a good feeling, having clean flowerbeds and grass seed spread in the backyard. They over-seeded the backyard, because of all the shade. Then Gene took some extra grass seed we had and spread it out.

This flower bed had Daylilies in it last year.
We dug them up to plant in Indiana last fall . . .
as you can see, we never made it to Indiana.
We hope they will survive until we get there.

Before the "elves" got there,
I transplanted some daylilies from the front flower bed to this one.
There are some ground cover plants in there too.

This is the REAL Daylily bed.
A Year ago June we dug a bunch of them up and took them to family in Indiana.
I am amazed how many came up this year.
Sad part was the Daffodils in the front of the bed didn't bloom.

This is our Flowering Plum tree.
We don't eat the fruit,
which looks more like big cherries.
But the squirrels and birds LOVE them

See why the back yard is so shaded?
This is our Flowering Plum.
Last year we had it trimmed back to, hopefully, let more sun into the yard.

Would you look at all those Grape Hyacinths growing?
And the yellow Tulips. They really multiplied this past year.

Can you say "Where's the grass?"
With luck there may be some there in a month or two.
But at least we have Tulips and Grape Hyacinths growing.
Soon, I am hoping, the Lilac bush in the far right corner
and the neighbor's Lilac behind the fence will be blooming.

My FAVORITE elf sowing some more seeds in the backyard.
That "dead vine" in the front
will bloom into a miniature rose bush entwined with a Clemantis.
Now, the wait to see if we do get a backyard this year.

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  1. I love being outside when the sun shine, Indy has a lovey back yard or was it bathroom, either way it's looking good.


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