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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why It's Hard for Me to Post

Hey Tina . . . . . 
Look what we found ! ! ! ! !

Pickled Beets, Eggs and Onions for EVERYBODY !

Now for a photo essay
of why I don't post very often.

Hello, my name is Marcus.
Contrary to what it sounds like,
I am a girl.

When I was a mere kitten
I was the only one of the litter
who did not have a home to go to.
So Mom said I needed to stay with my sisters
Nosey and Matthew with she and Dad.

That was 13 year ago.
Ow, was it 14 years ago this spring?
You know how time flies when you are having fun.

All of the years I have lived with Mom and Dad
I have been a one person cat
and that person is Indy.
I didn't care that Momma saved me.
I just staid with Indy, Matthew or Nosey.
No humans for me.

Until just this past month.
Mom was gone to the hospital with Dad,
for what seemed like years . . .
and now that they both are home for good
I have decided that sleeping on Mom's computer pillow,
just as close to the keyboard as I can  get,
has to be the BEST PLACE in the whole house
to spend my sleep time.


  1. We love Marcus here in UK, Purdy and Grace seed paws and purrs xxxx

  2. I'm so glad you found a jar! That looks like the one I saw at Target. :D Marcus is a sweetheart.


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