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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

They Smell SO GOOD Forget

Gene called me out to look at the front flower bed. It was AMAZING today. From year to year, I seem to forget just how good spring bulbs can smell. Sitting on the front porch brings those "smell-memories" back full force.

The daffodils are almost ready to tip their yellow heads and say goodbye for the season. That makes me sad ads they re my favorite flowers. When I hear Nat King Cole "That Sunday, That Summer," I fell in love with daffodils. 

The orange tulips are always next on the spring blooms. They don't bloom long, but their color is richer than this picture shows. Compared to the daffodils, they glow.

These two little tulips are by the front steps. They remind me of an Orange Sherbet . . . soft, but scrumptious, orange colored.

Here we have the beginnings of our perennial geranium hill. Last year, that indent you can see in the middle was where our water fountain sat. The perennial geraniums grew around it . . . totally hid about 18 inches of the base.

The two pots were on the steps last year. All I did was take them to the garage, in the fall, when I thought we were going to move over the winter, When I was on the patio a day or two ago I saw them and the "pinks", as Dad called them, were already greening up. Hardy little buggers, aren't they?

As you can tell from the pictures it was SO SUNNY out today. So I had my shorts on, for the 2nd day in a row, and when I was done trimming back the one chrysanthemum that bloomed last year and taking pictures, I went up to my favorite chair on the porch, legs stretched up on the railing, and relaxed.

It lasted for about an hour and then the winter to spring coolness got to me and in I went.
But what a way to welcome Spring . . sunny with bulbs growing.

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  1. We have sunny days but it's so cold, April is a difficult month you feel Spring is here, but it's not a warm spring.


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