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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Surgery Day 1 . . . Kind Of . . . What a Day

Did I tell you about my polyps? (Now isn't that an interesting way to start a blog post?)

When Gene was in the hospital I started spotting. It had happened once before, since we have been in NY, so I wasn't real worried. I figured that the stress of a husband going through major Cancer surgery could cause about anything to happen in a wife's body.

Once he was home I told him about it and called my OB-GYN. Got an appointment and he said, "Why did it take you 6 weeks to get in here?"

I explained and he understood.

We ended up deciding on a D&C, which resulted in the finding of 2 polyps. When he called me about the pathology he said both were cancer free but one had "unusual" cell growth that is normally a precursor to Cancer. My options would be to have a D&C every year to see if I develop Cancer or to have a complete hysterectomy. I could decide and let him know when I went in for my follow up appointment.

I knew immediately I would go with the hysterectomy. Here are the reasons:

  1. Not sure how soon I will be able to find an OB-GYN after we move.
  2. Not real thrilled about worrying every spring about "Will this be the year for the Cancer to appear?"
  3. I've never used the organs anyway so why do I need them this late in life?
When Gene and I went into the follow up (I wanted him there to hear what was said) Dr Bartel went through everything he had told me on the phone. When he asked me if I had decided I told him my decision and why. His response, "Sounds like you have done some thinking about this?" My answer was, "Sure have."

So the date was set for June 16. That's why we went home in early June . . . wanted to be able to lift and carry so the trip had to be done pre-surgery.

Arrival time at the hospital was 11:00 am for a 1:00 surgery. About 12:45 Dr bartels came in and aid the surgery in the robotics room was going over so he decided to come in and go over everything with me then so he didn't have to do it later . . . save some time.

He went over everything again. This time the "possible problems" hit home more than they did in his office.

He asked if I had any questions. I did. Just that morning I had wondered h ow they got the ovaries and uterus out through the three holes they make for the robotic surgery. Then, I said, "I know you must sew up the end of the vagina that connected with the uterus, but do you." 

He laughed and said they were good questions. If everything goes well, all of the organ are pulled out through the vagina and yes, it is sewn closed at the uteru end. If the organs are to big for the uterus, then they will need to be surgically removed through a vertical or horizontal opening on the lower belly.

I sent Gene down to eat some lunch since it would be at least an hour, if not more, before I would go into the "holding (or whatever they call it when they get you prepped) room."

The nurse comes in at 1:30 and says Dr Bartels is on the phone at the nurses station for me. "The surgery is still in progress and we aren't sure when it will be over. We could do your surgery after. if appropriate, but it would be so late before we get done that it wouldn't be wise. So, how about a reschedule?"

Glad he called. My mind was thinking that the whole surgical team had been in the hospital since early in the morning and this downtime for them has to be rough. Then to be in the best shape for a late surgery might not be in my favor, I said sure. The earliest reschedule was Saturday, June 25, 1st in line for "take off." I took it.

The nurse went to get Gene, she told him what was up. As soon as he came in I grabbed the Coke he had and took a long drink. (I hadn't been able to drink since midnight and I was thirsty.)

The nurse was so sweet. She said, "You handled that so well."

My response, thinking about everything Gene had been through, "Well, there are worse things that could happen so you jut do it."

I went in, put my clothes back on and when I left the room I loudly said, "Gene, let's bust out of this place."

The nursing staff laughed. Not many times a patient gets to walk out on their own from their department.

When we got in the car I said, "Oh great! I get to drink the "magic pooping liquid (magnesium citrate)" again . . . Oh Great ! ! !"

Not the best thing to have to do, but it's a must.

Then Gene remembered that we had non-refundable ticket for that evening to see The Blue Brothers at our local theatre. Now THAT'S a bummer. But I sure didn't want to  put the surgery off and prolong our moving home so we will have to decide about the tickets.

I told Gene he can see if Chris, a single guy across the street, would like to go with him. Evan if I do get to come home I'll probably be sleeping off and on. But we will see.

Last evening I found a You Tube video of a life Robotic Hysterectomy done in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I watched it and it was very interesting. While inside the doctor doing the procedure pointed out the bowels and bladder. Now I know why two of the problems with the surgery are punctured bowels and bladders . . . MAN, I knew everything in there was close. They had filled the abdominal cavity with gas to give the surgeon room to work and it was still pretty tight.

Aren't you glad you read my thrilling post? Just trying to keep a record of my life and you  get to follow it with me.


  1. Best decision, get rid of it all, that way no worries later on, will be thinking of you next Saturday, xxxx

  2. Wow! Completely agree and understand why you took option 2. Will be thinking of you! What a year for you two. Geez


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