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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Surgery Day 2 Was a Go

Woke up Saturday morning at 4:00 am. Pretty early for me . . . 5:15 was the time I always set my radio alarm for when I worked. Then, I laid i bed for an hour and got up at 6:15 and was normally at work by 7:00 or 7:30 for school which started at 7:55 am.

So, needless to say, this was an early morning. I think we were even up before the birds started chirping.

I had to be at Sister of Charity Hospital by 6:00 (per dr's office) or 6:30 (per hospital call on Friday) for a hysterectomy. We made it by 6:15. We know now why the hospital says 6:30 . . . that is when the nurse on duty came in.

There were only two of us scheduled for 8:00 surgeries so it was a quiet morning for the nurse.

The last time I saw a clock it said 8:15. Next thing I remember I was waking up in my room. I was SO HAPPY to wake up. For some reason this surgery had me worried. I didn't tell anyone else because I didn't want to deal with anyone elses fears.

I sent Gene home, not sure what time that was either. But the next time I woke up I had no  idea if it was still Saturday or I had slept through until Sunday . . . it was 5-something Saturday. I got to order a clear liquid supper . . chicken broth, lemon ice and a 7-Up. Not bad . . . the chicken broth gave me flavor and the Lemon Ice gave me a little texture to move around in my mouth.

Breakfast was Beef Broth, Apple Juice, Cherry Ice and 2 Cokes. AGain, not bad . . some flavor and the Cherry Ice gave me mouth feel I wanted.

Dr came in about 11:00 am . . he apologized for being late, didn't bother me . . they get there when they get there. This was the Intern who was in on the surgery and coming in behind him was a partner of my doctor who had assisted. He said it was a perfect surgery. So I guess my never used Ovaries, Tubes and Uterus must have been where they belonged and the size they  needed to be.

They both released me a soon as I peed 250 whatever they measure. Lord, It felt like it took forever, but by 3:00 I had accomplished it along with a couple of walks around the floor.

We didn't get out until almost 5:00pm. I am always amazed at how you can be dismissed early and the paper work, which is all on computers, takes so long to do. If I  had been by myself, it wouldn't have really bothered me, but the husband is getting less and less patience as he gets older. I must learn to just close my eyes, put  my head back and ignore it. I'm trying, but it sure gets old fast.

Anyway, I gt  home about 18 hours after I went in so I guess, all in all, it was a productive week end.


  1. Glad to hear all went well! Hope you just keep doing better and better.

  2. Now rest, take it easy and heal. Glad everything went well, strange our feelings before surgery.

  3. Hello Paula,
    seems paperwork is getting worse everywhere! I'm a nurse myself and I've noticed getting the paperwork done is (a) taking in most of the time and (b) more important than taking care of the patients - at east according to the administrative director. Glad all went fine for you though!
    Take care and don't take on too much this week - one step at the time...

  4. I'm glad everything went well, Paula. I hope you recover in no time. I HATE paperwork! I think that's half the reason I hate when the kids go back to school.


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