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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs Is Hard Work

Surgery Day + 5
From a layman/patient view, I think things are doing great.

I've had pains in two,
no, wait, three places.
The original spot, under the sternum and to the right.
Biggest/largest spot is the area
between the belly button and sternum,
probably the size of my palm.
Then the one that is the most painful
and refuses to quit.
It's right where my waist/fat roll sits.

My mind envisions something like this chef's blade,
only shinier, medical grade metal and more curved,
slicing through something unknown
every time I move.
Probably sounds gross, or horribly painful,
well, it is pretty painful, but I've,
sort of, bonded with it.

If I'm not moving around it dosen't hurt
and I've learned how to breathe in to keep it quiet.
Husband says, "Take a pain pill."
I tell him, 
"I would but this is the only place the pain pill doesn't touch."

So, I work around it.

Good News - I slept in bed the last two nights.
Bad News - I end up on the loveseat before the night is over.
Again, the "chopper blade" makes it hard to lay
on either my back, left or right side.
But, instead of "slicing and dicing" it feel like I have a MAJOR scar, which I am sure I have, and I am stretching it to the max when I lie down.
Once I go to sleep I'm fine, then nature calls and it's back to the loveseat.

Oh well, at least on the love seat there is a low point where the cushions meet. My waist falls right into that space and it isn't pushed up into me.

Now, for the FUNNY part of the post . . . 
Can you believe that peeling 4 hard boiled eggs 
pooped me out this morning?
This is the only "manual labor" I've done this week
and it was exhausting.
Guess this girl has a longer way to go than she thought:(


  1. Take it easy, listen to your body and get well.

  2. You need to rest! I hope the incision heals quickly.


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