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Thursday, July 21, 2016

What's Been Going On

Friday Night Light in the Garden and Saturday's Garden walk were a success.

We had close to 35 people here Friday night. Not as many on Saturday.

Saturday was a beautifully hot day. We ended up at one of our favorite local restaurants. For some reason when I get very hot I always want a salad for supper so a Julienne Salad it was. I didn't eat all of it . . . I had started getting gall bladder pains.

I stayed downstairs in case I got sick . . . good thing because I got sick three times.

Then I spent all Sunday under the covers sleeping. When I woke up Monday I decided I better get an appointment at the doctor's office and find out what was going on. I got an appointment with the Physcian's Assistant at 4:15 that afternoon.

After going over what I had done and my pains she started pushing on the abdomen, I most came off the table.

She sent me to the emergency room, where we sat for 3 hours. After two ultra sounds I found out I was "full" of gall stones and an infection around them. I was admitted at 11:30 knowing I was going to have surgery the next day.

When  the doctor talked to Gene after the surgery he said this was the worst gall bladders he had ever seen. The next day his physician's assistant came in to dismiss me and said the gall bladder was so swollen and had imbedded itself in the liver. No wonder I was in pain.

That' about it for now. The brain is still a little foggy and I'm really tired.


  1. Goodness! How about the month of August....no doctor visits for you or Gene?! You two need time to heal. Take care or I'll send bubble wrap for you both!

  2. Wow, hope you are feeling better, both of you are going through the mill at the moment.


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