Leaves on this Family Tree

Monday, August 29, 2016

Before and After

Got a Facebook message from a highschool classmate. 
It included a picture with the caption "Is this your house?"

On first look I didn't think so.
 Then I saw the blue shutters and knew it was our house.

Here is what the houe looked like in the realtor pictures. 

And here it is now :(

By the way, see the high school across the street?
Our neighbor, whose house is on the right of us,
aid she couldn't even see the high school.

My poor, pretty shade tree is no more :(
I told Gilbert,
who is going to remove what's left,
all we have now is a HUGE stalk of asparagus in the yard. 

Guess we won't have a shade tree anymore. Just talked to Gilbert,who cleaned up all the dead branches for us in June, and he said the tree is rotted and it is full of dirt :(

From 1st look at the tree I was so thankful it didn't hit the roof . . . Than I would have been upset. 

Now when we decide what we want to do 
with making a curved walkway to the front porch 
we won't have to work around a tree will we?


  1. It's always a huge shame to lose a tree.

  2. Starting in September it is good planting time for trees. Maybe some oak or red leaf maples? You may not get to see them full grown, but they will be there for shade someday. Glad the house wasn't hit. That would have been terrible! Hey, did you find the fostoria?

  3. What a terrible sight! What made the tree collaps? Did you have a thunderstorm or something like that? I would surely miss the tree too. Maybe you could plant a tree which grows "fast" like a birch tree, just to get some shade back and to keep the asparagus company...


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