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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Diane's Doxie Mochila Bag

Started working on my 2nd Mochila Bag last Wednesday.
It's for my bff, Diane 
(Well, legally Diana but she has always been Diane to me.)

She has just become a fur mother 
for the 3rd time in recent history.
I say "recent history" because
she has had fur-children her entire adult life.

Her oldest of this set of three is a yellow lab rescue.
(Embarrassed I can't remember the name.)
"Middle child" is a rescue doxie, Sara Belle.
Newest child is Haley, a 2nd rescue doxie.

Sure looks lopsided, doesn't it?
It isn't,
just a really bad picture.

As you can tell the lower round of the design
are paw prints.
I lke the way the pads of the paw looks like a heart.

There will be two more rounds of dog related designs.
I could tell you what they will be, 
but that would spoil the next photos.
Plus, I might change my mind :)

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  1. Hello Paula,
    ABSOLUTELY LOVELY!!! I like those pawprints very much! This will be another beautiful bag!
    Happy crocheting,


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