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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Almost Normal

It has been 4.5 weeks in Logan. I've told Gene I feel a little bit of anticipation until I have gotten a month worth of bills paid since we have been here. I know I have been paying utilities for both houses for over a year. I just wonder what the utility bills will be like for us here.

On Wednesday I went out to breakfast with a neighbor who meets a former colleague every Wednesday morning for breakfast. It was nice. I will probably go out with them every once in a while, but not weekly. I just hate having to set the alarm to wake up in the morning.

When we came home I was telling Dorothy, my neighbor, that we were getting a new tree to replace the one we lost last spring. As we got closer to our houses I realized they were planting it then.

Today is the 1st day in over a week that we have had some sun so I scurried outside and toot a picture . . . you will notice I put an older picture of the house below it for a ad comparison. But, in a few years it will have more size on it. But, I know, I won't live long enough to see it reach the height of the original tree.
You can barely see Indy setting on the porch. I can't believe she stayed long enough for a picture.

Now for a another house update. I still haven't gotten the curtains finished that I had planned on putting in the front room. But you can see from the top picture that I do have curtains up and I like them. I found some sheers with a faint strip so we have some coverage but yet lots of light still comes in.

I really like the way they look from the inside and outside. 

Now, when I FINALLY can get some organization to the craft room (we did get the computer, monitor and keyboard out, now to set it up) I'll put the crocheted tiers on the bottom of the windows in there, which will be the three windows on the right of the house picture.


  1. Have fun sorting your new place, we have been here 6 years, the time flies.

  2. Hello Paula,
    curtains do make a difference, don't they? I'm pretty sure you'll be able to enjoy the tree for many years. It's always such a joy to see things grow.
    Have a lovely time settling in,

  3. Wow, it looks so different without the big tree in the front yard. I hope it grows fast.. We have lots of trees in our yard and I love them all. The curtains look nice, and glad you are getting all settled in to your new place. We've been in our house since February and I still don't feel all settled in yet.. Maybe it's just me.

  4. Did you make any Chex Mix yet? I have been hoping to see pictures.. :P So I can drool. :)


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