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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Chipmunk and 1st Snow.

One day, this last week, we came home and a black cat was in our yard eating some popcorn we had left from a middle school basketball game. We figured if he/she was eating stale popcorn it must have been hungry so out goes some cat food.

It was gone by the evening.

The next day I took some out and put a little on the front porch and then sprinkled more around to the back steps and piled it there. To my surprise, this is what I found at the patio doors.

Marcus checking out the chipmunk.

Wonder if Marcus was trying to swipe this to the next picture.

Matthew got into the fun too.

She decided to scratch on the door to get his/her attention.
How do you like those patio steps? When we bought the house we didn't even realize there was a patio out back, it was so overgrown.

Next summer a deck is going in so we can just step out and be on it . . Gene's, and my, knees don't do steps well :(

Last evening it tarted snowing. This is what we have today:
Out our front windows.

These snow people are left over from the decorations at our wedding in 2003.

Our neighbors adult on came over and shoveled our driveway out. We tried to pay him but he just thanked us for the business we gave him when our tree came down last summer.

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  1. Aw, I love that little chipmunk! We have a fat squirrel that I noticed on our fence a few days ago. It jumped from the fence to the top of the bird feeder, there went all the birdseed! I was thinking about getting some corn cobs or something for the squirrels. I like your snowmen. Are you getting to find your way around your new home?


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