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Sunday, January 1, 2017

It's a New Year . . . Thank You Lord

This has been an interesting year:

  1. We owned a house for the first 10 months but didn't live in it.
  2. Gene had a 10 hour surgery for a cancerous "ulcer" in January and spent a month at Roswell Cancer Institute.
  3. I had a D&C which "discovered" 2 polyps. Since once was a precursor to a cancerous polyp I opted for a complete hysterectomy in June.
  4. A month after the hysterectomy, in July, I had emergency Gall Bladder surgery.
  5. Finally, in September, both of us were released from our three surgeons.
  6. October 24 the movers came to pack us; October 25 they loaded us up; October 26 we loaded the fur-children up for our trip to Indiana and on October 27 the movers unloaded our old house into our new house.
No wonder Gene and I are worn out . . . we've had a relatively busy year. I know some people have had a lot more "activity" in their year but this was enough for us.

So, New Years Eve in our new house brought PURE excitement. Can't you tell from Marcus and Matthew? Guess the idea of welcoming in the New Year wore them out.

Gene and I ate cold boiled shrimp and Club Crackers with cocktail sauce, while playing a "rousing" game of Monopoly until 10:00 pm. Then tried to find one of the "New Years" shows on TV. Basically, we thought all of them sucked, but we ended up with Carson Daily and Mel B . . . best of the worst for us.

After Christmas Brunch, our nephew's wife sent everyone home with a loaf pan of her egg casserole. I didn't want to return it empty so yesterday I dried some Hawaiian Bread out, then soaked it in custard and, this morning, made a Bread Pudding for her family and one for Gene and I.
The one on the left did get a little dark but the "gift" on the right looks real good :)

What I do is, as soon as it is cool, I slice it in the pan, take it out and let it throughly  cool then place in plastic freezer bags so, any day we want French Toast, I fry the slices in a pan and they are the BEST FRENCH TOAST EVER ! ! ! ! Can you tell how much I like this stuff.

I finished my last doily for the year, starched it and let it dry. Took it off the blocking board yesterday. So I'm counting it as the 1st doily for 2017. It is called Scalloped Doily. The pattern can be found here.

Hope your New Year is all you expected it to be.


  1. Happy New Year to you, dear Paula!
    May 2017 bring you sunshine, laughter, joy, health and happiness!

  2. Glad you are in, love your loaf and your doily, you have been busy.
    2017 should be the year where you both can look forward to good health and your lifestyle you hoped for.

  3. Sounds more exciting than our "New Year", Paula. :) Your bread pudding looks super yummy, I love bread pudding but never make it because no one else in our house likes it. Beautiful doily, too. Happy 2017. I hope it's a better year for us all.


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