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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Home Stuff AND Christmas Treasures

Isn't it fun to find things that you think you need for your home?

If you live in the US, do you get the LTD Catalogs? I can remember seeing them the first time in the Teachers Lounge at school . . . LOVED them. Such great prices on things you never knew you needed!

I started getting them again in NY. Didn't buy much except for "Yard Art" and "Front Door" decorations. Had some of the cutest front doors in town.

Now, I feel like I am starting from scratch with a "pre-owned" new home. (I laugh . . we now have a "pre-owned" new car to go along with our "pre-owned" new home.)

Here is the 1st thing, a skinny cabinet for the bathroom, (pedestal sink not included.) 

The only storage we have in the bathroom is a vanity, with two doors underneath, and a medicine cabinet (the kind with three mirrored doors and storage behind.)

That doesn't leave much room for towels, shaving stuff and odds and ends so I've been looking for skinny cabinets and this one fir the bill.

It came yesterday. Guess who's putting it together this morning/afternoon/evening maybe even into the night.

I am impressed, though. I married a man of very little patience. 

Dad was like that until he retired and then he mellowed out SO
MUCH. When he used to put stuff together or need help, Mom, Lee and I scattered to the 4-corners of the world.

Most of the "cabinet" is scattered behind the beginnings of the top section.

Then today the UPS man came with the rest of the order I placed. These are the fun things.

I bought these for the nieces and nephews for Christmas 2017. Aren't they adorable?

A little boring purchase BUT our old griddle was cast iron and it was so hard to keep clean. It will be promoted to use on the outside grill and this one will be for the kitchen

Now for a little bit of "whimsy" I bought a toilet paper holder for the bathroom. The toilet paper holder that has been in the room since it was built in 1970 is more than an arms length away and even wit the toilet tank. Makes for some "getting up" to use the paper . . . Plus, this little butler is so adorable I had to get him.

Must be going. Hubby and I are ready for lunch . . bologna and cheese sandwiches for everyone :)

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