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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

1st Pictures

I have been hunting for these two pictures since 2002.
Well, maybe not quite that log.

These were the 1st two photos
in the Power Point Presentation I made
to show while our guests were being seated for our wedding.

I had placed the originals in a photo album,
 for my brother,
when we moved.

Then I decided I wanted to try to save them,
 for myself,
when I discovered this CD
 in one of the boxes I was unpacking. 

I finally figured it out this time :)

This is the 1st photo ever taken of me.
It was in the nursery of Memorial Hospital
in Logansport, Indiana.

This is the 1st family picture.
It was taken in our backyard . . . 

the house in the background was Grandma's rental.
I can tell that it was taken after Dad got off working
at the Pennsylvania Railroad in Logansport.

I LOVE how my brother has his hat "cocked"
just like Dad always wore his.


  1. It's always a happy moment to come across pictures such as these. There are so many memories attached. They are precious and no-one can take them away!
    Have a great day,

  2. Brilliant photos, love your brothers hat.


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