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Monday, March 6, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

Spring sprung REAL early here in Indiana.

Winter has been non-existent. I think we only had one day where the snow needed shoveled on the driveway. And, to be honest, it probably would have melted by the late afternoon since it was pretty slushy early on.

That said, we came home he end of February and saw that there were leaves coming up in the small area between the front walkway and the house. They looked like Daffodil leaves but since we didn't plant them I wasn't sure.

March 1st we found out. We had one Daffodil blooming and four others that would be blooming quickly. 

We assume that when the house was built the sidewalk went right up to the house. But over 40 years the sidewalk has settled, as have all of the stoops in front of the three exterior doors and the steps form them to the ground. So whether these were actually planted or the squirrels "moved" them here, we will never know.

Since the weather was supposed to take a turn for the worse, temps were to go down to the 20's from the 50's-60', I decided I needed to cut the one blooming. 

Isn't it precious?

I am a lover of the solid yellow King Alfred Daffodils and have never planted any other colors. SO I am happy these are the color they are. Adds a different look to what I am used to seeing.

So, using one of the milk bottles I collect, only from the two dairies that were once in our town, I placed the bloom in one of the niches above our fireplace. Gene said he thinks this is where we should always have flower displayed.

This is a GREAT idea. We always see some of the prettiest bouquets at the grocery stores but I don't get them. Our cats have been known to "investigate" flowers on our dining room table and one never knows if the flowers will stay in the vases or if the flowers, water and "vase" will end up all over the table.

A day after I cut this bloom I realized there were four more blooms that would open in a day or two 'if the cold weather" didn't get to them.

So, out I went with my kitchen scissors again and cut them off and placed them in the niche with the first one. Now we have five early blooms in the house. 

This is what they looked like on March 3rd. Aren't they gorgeous?

Today, March 6, the original one is wilting but the "arrangement" still adds life to the living room.

This weekend I decided to place the "summer" curtains on the front windows. 

We have a set of three windows that face directly south. The sun comes in whenever it is shining. It is great because we don't have to have any living room lights on when the sun is out. Also, the patio doors are lined up on the other side of the house, directly across from these windows. So, when there is any kind of a breeze we get it. Makes me feel like we won't have to have the air conditioning on as much as we did in New York.

This is what I did with the windows in the winter. I hated covering up the windows, I so LOVE the fact we get so much light in the room, The sheer were so nice. They gave enough coverage that I didn't feel like we were on display yet cut some of the sun out.

From where Gene sit to watch TV, he got a lot of glare from the windows on the screen. So the curtains will help a lot this summer.

These are the same curtains we had in the living room in New York. I fell in love with them the 1st time I saw them and was so disappointed that they were on clearance. This meant that, yes, the price was cheaper than normal but I couldn't get three sets of the same length for the three windows in New York. 

So I bought all three that they had left and put the two that were the perfect fit in the two front windows where you could see the length. Then the one set that was longer went on the third window where the bottoms were hidden.

We bought matching valances EXCEPT they have no red ones so we b ought green ones. LOVED the look. Now I have three sets of green valances (even though I can only find two sets) that I am planning on using next winter when I need something to block the sun out with the sheers next winter.
Well, I think I'm done for the day.

Thanks to all of you who leave comments. With the new Blogger set up I forget I have to specifically look up to see if there are comment. HATE this, so I may not get back to you with answers as quickly as I used too :(

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  1. 1st of March here is St David's day, saint for Wales, their emblem is a daffodil, it's always a good year when the bloom on March 1st. Hubby is Welsh, so we look at these type of things, their other emblem is a leek, not so pretty.


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