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Monday, May 8, 2017

Bathroom is Done

Everything worked great,except the drying rack. It was about 2 inches to wide for the wall. So, when we redo the full bath it will go in there.

Thought you all will enjoy seeing all the pictures, from start to finish, that I took.

Husband starting to paint the trim.

Trim done, medicine cabinet down 

Ugly sink

Close up so  you can REALLY see how bad it is.

Hubby and I painted the walls.
Didn't have to go to the floor
because it will be covered with Bead Board.

Ugly sink still in but SO HAPPPY with the paint.

Not sure if you can tell but the bathroom paint matches the Master Bedroom.
Bedroom color looks lighter because of the three windows in it.

Washer plumbing done and Bead Board installed in washer corner.
this made me SO HAPPY too . . .
I knew I was getting exactly what I had imagined.

Old ugly sink out and new vanity and faucet in.
Found out I had bought a faucet where the opening for the water to come out
lights up with a blue LED light.
The box said something about LED on it but I thought it referred to some new plumbing thing
Was Jerry (or remodeler) surprised when he turned the water on.
So were Gene and I when we saw it.

See the glow around the end?
I filled a paper cup for the niece.
When I was filling it the water had a blue cast.
When I tured off the water, the blue disappeared.
I told her it was magic (she will be 5 in June).
She didn't believe me but it kept doing it so she was p uzzled.

Indy approves and Gene is checking out the ED lighting :)

Bead Board completed.

The washer and dryer are Maytag's "This Twin" set.
The door was about 24.5 inches (with trim removed)
and the washer/dryer was 23.75 inches.
Whew! Was I ever lucky.
The lamp has a soft pink glow. It was a wedding gift from
my mother-in-law's only brother so it is very special.

I forgot . . besides the Washer and Dryer (they hold about half of a normal load which works for us) which are PERFECT, the cat litter box fits between the toilet and washing machine. I was worried about where it was going to go and and I was lucky it fit back in the room it had been in.

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