Leaves on this Family Tree

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Thursday, or was it Friday? Maybe it was Wednesday. Anyway, Spring Creek Landscaping came to:

  1.  level out the area f the front yard where the tree fell last summer. (The guy who took the rest of it down and got rid of the stump filled the hole with dirt and the shavings of the stump and told us to let it settle for a year to see if we needed anymore soil . . .guess he filled it well because it never settled.
  2. fill all the wholes in our back yard. I've twisted my ankle several times walking through it. Hopefully this will  help. 
  3. dig out all of the Lava Rock that the previous owner had placed around the shrub beds
  4. clean out all of the weeds in the beds and shape them back to the way they should look
  5. mulch all of the newly shaped beds AND seed all of the newly filled holes.
     Gene had made a bed on the east side of the house and I had halfway weeded the bed on the west side of the house. So now we have flower beds on these two sides and shrub beds in the front of the house. When we get the deck put on the back then we will get the flower beds around it put it.

     Both Gene and I have ordered plants for the beds. Now that the beds are ready for planting we are having rains every day. So the plants are healthy and the beds are more than ready.

     We keep seeing more plants that we want but we have done really well at 
not buying them until we found three Joseph' Coat Rose bushes at one of our local stores. We bought two. These are my favorites and they are hard to find.

When the buds start out they are yellow with some orangy-pink tinges to them.

Then the top photo shows how the buds open yellow with a faint blush of color on the edges.

When they fully open (bottom photo)  they look more blush with some yellow.

Then (middle photo) when they are almost done they are a pale pink, almost white, with a hint of yellow at the center.

     This changing of colors, all on the same plant at the same time, is what made me fall in love with them PLUS they are hardy and easy to grow. The one we had before we moved to New York was a climber. These look like are going to be climbers too. We found one in New York but it never grew much bigger than the ones we just bought so we shall see.

Pictures of the newly remodeled flower/shrub beds once the rains stop and we can get the grass mowed. I swear, I could bottle Indy's  urine and sell it as fertilizer. Between her and the rain we are getting to the jungle look :)


  1. These roses look great indeed. I love roses but I'm still practising very hard on getting a "green thumb" and I'm not very successfull yet... Enjoy your garden!


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