Leaves on this Family Tree

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tornado Warnings

Last night, May 26, 2017, we had tornado warnings.

To make it even more exciting
we had a thunder and lightening storm.

When it was all over
I went out to get pictures of the sky.

North West
This is the direction the storm came from.

North East
The Storm was moving East.
South East
You can see the street light are till on
after the darkness of the storm.

You also get a glimpse of our new tree
and the Geraniums around the light post.


  1. Hope you stay OK, we had a heavy rain warning, which is the most we get here along the south coast of UK, Our thunder storm hit at 4.30am and was spectacular, we are all pleased as we live in one of the driest areas of UK, and the heavy rain was perfect for our ground. Hope your new plants are OK.


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