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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fun Stuff . . Kind Of

A former student, whose parents (both Dad and Mom), were on my teaching team, asked me if I could make a pair of "Chuck Taylors" for this fall.

Sure, I told her . . why not.
I had made normal ones, and had seen a photo of some like this
so I played around and thi is what I came up with.

Aren't they just adorable?

Come to find out, 
she is the one having the baby . . . 
and it is a boy.

Can't wait to see him in these.

Then, I also was testing a #10 thread Baby Dress

The bodice was row by row . . . yes, there was a repeat
but more often than not, there was a change in pattern.

When I got to the skirt, it was a Piece of Cake!

A cousin asked how much I would charge for it.
Her great grandbaby's Momma is getting married in the Spring
and she thought this would be perfect.

Since I crocheted it looser than normal,
my size 12 months will be perfect for her
next Spring.
(This is more of an 18 month size.)

If this pattern looks like something you would like
here is how to find it:

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