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Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

The title is not a weather comment. It is the name of the sweater that I have posted. I have been waiting and waiting to make it and finally found the time. I wanted it to look similar to Mady's (not Mattie as I have been typing ... I wrote her name wrong at her shower and THEN saw the correct spelling. Talk about feeling like a "dumb aunt!"

When I looked at all , or almost all, of the BICO sweaters on Ravelry I felt like mine looked like a "Bob Gregory kid" sweater. For those from Indiana you should remember my reference. When Bob Gregory was on Channel 13 there was a commercial where a mom is getting her son ready to go outside and she has him all bundled up and her can barely move. That is the feeling I got when I looked at all the other versions of the sweater. Mine would fit well on a kid who walked like Frankenstein ... all stiff. Maybe once I wash it, it will look softer.div>

I did see one idea that I liked. Someone had made one in a red/rose-ish color. She did the edging in a leaf/stem green and put a flower without center where the button would button. When buttoned, the flower has a center. I have to remember this for the next time I make it.

Also, one woman modified hers to fit her daughter. I will have to go back there and get that modified pattern, which is on her Blogger "blog."
I am TOTALLY exhausted right now.... and it is only a little after 11:00 pm. I guess my body wants to hit the hay.
As Ruhly would say....

Later Tater

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