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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Old Grey Weather

It's getting to be that time of year again. The time I dig "Old Grey" out of the closet. For those of you who don't know "Old Grey," I am wearing it in the photo at the left. "Old Grey" was a Christmas present from Diane.

The name comes from an "old grey" flannel nightgown (or was it robe ... no, I think it was a nightgown) she had. Diane's poor "old grey" was all worn and totally comfortable. The year I opened the box that this was in I immediately shouted, "A New Old Grey" and enjoyed the memories.

When fall would come around we would look for a "new" 'old grey' for her. It has been so long ago that I can't remember if she ever did find what she wanted. But, whenever I go into a store and they have their winter night-clothes out I always look to see if there is an "old grey" on any of the racks. I even have Gene looking with me.

When it gets cold, I will haul out "Old Blue." Diane gave that to me when we still lived in Logan. When I opened it up I shouted, "Look, a new Old Grey Blue" because it is made from blue fleece. Diane and I laughed like two silly geese while Rod and Gene just looked at us... probably wondering how they ever found us two winners... chicken for dinner as Bill Vernon would say. (Bill would say to kids, "You're a winner, chicken for dinner."No idea why, but I thought it was funny and when I say winner I think of him.)

I digress again ..... Now, when I do get out "Old Grey-Blue" you know it is darn cold here in Western New York because it is one warm robe.
Today was Miss Mady's Shower. Well, it was a shower for her momma Andrea. I was SO embarrassed. I have been spelling her name Mattie and I know Gloria told me it was going to be Mady (for Madelyn...oh I hope I spelled her legal first name correctly. The shower invitation is upstairs or I would look at it and see.)

This was the BIGGEST shower I have ever been to. There were 60 people there ... and a whole bunch of them were relatives of Andrea's. Poor Gloria (Gene's sister). When she got up to introduce her family (her son Bill is Andrea's husband) she introduced her daughter Wendy, and her three sister-in-laws... myself, and her husband's two sisters Druscilla and Margaret Ann. It's was like going to a shower with someone from the Jackie Smith family marrying one of Lee's kids. What a hoot! Our small little group just sat there and laughed because our side, here in New York, won't be getting much bigger quickly because Wendy and her husband don't have any children yet and Jerry's son doesn't have any children either (I think.) Not a whole lot of chances for nieces and nephews... well, I guess it is almost the same as Logan... 3 and 4. And only one is "with child" and none of the others look like they are in any hurry to start. I don't blame them, neither was I and it didn't bother me at all.
I will have to post one of Mady's latest ultrasounds... Oh, this is funny. I bought Bill and Andrea a 3-panel frame where the middle panel is made for an ultrasound, the right panel has a place for name and birthday and the left panel has an opening with a pair of ballet slippers hang in it. I had copied one of the ultrasound photo's of Mady, that Gloria had emailed to us, and put it in the picture section. When Andrea sees it she says something like, "And it has a baby's ultrasound in it."

Gloria started and told her it was Mady's ultrasound. Man, sis she get teased ... 'a mom can't even identify her child's picture.' At this everyone there laughed, including Andrea. But, to be fair to her, she didn't know Gloria had sent the pictures to me so she really didn't have any idea that was Mady ... like you can tell if you aren't paying attention?
Man, what a long, but awesome day. OH.... I forgot... the food at the shower was great. It was at 11:00 this morning. They served:
1. big chunks of cut up fresh watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew
2. small danish... just perfect for a shower
3. scrambled eggs
4. sausage links
5. bacon .. that was just crisp enough so crisp and non-crisp bacon eaters should have been happy
6. chicken something(I can never remember the name because I don't think I have ever eaten it) that you place on top of biscuits (which they also had).

Then... they had Mimosa Punch. When I left I said I was going to ask the people at the banquet facility if I could have the rest of the punch and a LONG straw. I would have Margaret Ann hold it on her lap while I drover her home... drinking Mimosas through the straw. They were THAT good !

As you can tell, I had fun AND Andrea liked the book of Parent Information, the book of Nursery Rhymes, the soccer ball "baby ball/rattle", the soccer ball "thingy" that they can grasp in their hand and the "treasures" I crocheted. I was so pleased to see her reaction to everything. When you make someone something that comes from your heart and through your hands it is a warm feeling when you know that they really DID appreciate your effort.

Later ~

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