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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shower Ready

Tomorrow is Miss Maddie's Baby Shower. I have some of the "treasures" in the car now but I still need to get the rest in there ... AND finish a pair of booties that look like shows Courtney Roberts used to wear. (I am sure she doesn't wear them now since she is way into her 30's .. I think.) Pretty preppie looking if I do say so myself.
The picture shows a couple of the present I have wrapped ... and I use that term loosely.
I have started wrapping baby gifts in washcloths, towels, burp clothes, receiving blankets, etc. It started because I didn't have any baby wrapping paper and thought it was silly to buy any for the fact i would have most of it left over. That's when I got the bright idea to give "2 gifts in 1." Everything you see is wrapped in one of the items mentioned.

For Mattie, I also tried to tie a crocheted item on each gift. I almost had enough to accomplish this. Of course, I split the booties between packages so I got 2 gifts worth out of one set.

If you look closely at the lower right corner you can see a pink pair of Mary Janes ... well, trust me, it is one of them even though it may be hard to see. In the back right corner and in the middle are two of the bibs that I made. Everything looked so colorful. I just wish I could have gotten a bigger picture but I was lucky to get this one. I took the pictures on a day when it was rather overcast outside and the brightest place in the house was in front of this dining room window. Poor Nosy was mad at me. This is her favorite place to sunbathe, even when there is no sun.

I talked to Joyce today about flying into Indianapolis so I can see Chase (and yes, Kristi, Clay, Joe and everyone else who will be around) on October 22, and then flying out on October 26. She told m e about this horrible accident that took place by Logansport. When she said Clay had heard about it on CNN. So I watched the news and finally saw it on Headline News.

Enough for tonight. I still need to wrap the last gift and finish the "shoes" so I can tie them onto the package.

Until later ~

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