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Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Day At The Ranch

"Home, home on the range,

Where the deer and the antelope play.

Where seldom is heard

A discouraging word

And the sky is not cloudy all day."

That seems like a good way to start off tonight. But, I need to change the words to:

"Home, yes we have a range,

Where Indy and her kitty sisters play,

Where often is heard

Indy trying to be heard

And the cats are just sleeping all day!"

Gene and I have been talking about how VOCAL Indy is. He blames it on me. The first summer I kept trying to teach her to say, "Hello." She caught on pretty quick. (For those of you who remember The Jetsons, she sounds a lot like Astro when her would say,"Her-r-o Reorge!")

I n eed to get her on video when she is in a talking mood. I think my favorite is when I'm eating. She will sit there and look at me. I'll tell her to "leve it" which is hercommand to stop what she is doing and lay down.

She has started "talking back to me" just like a teen-ager when I do this. I will point my finger at her and "gruffly" say, "Don't you talk back to me!" This gets her talking even more.

Gene's addition to her "vocabulary" is "I want some." When I tell her to "Leave it" and she responds, she usually will make this voice, "I wahnt sahm." It is so fun ny... but like a kid, you can't laugh or she is all over you then.

Most times, I have to look the other way or I will lose it. If she gets really pushy she will set and say, "I wuv woo." And if you don't respond, she just gets louder.

Yes, I crated a monster from the first "Hello."



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