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Thursday, October 2, 2008

For a Warmer Winter

Tomorrow I am mailing out the blankets I bought at Walgreens to the Pass Creek Elders Center. These are part of my contribution to the Blanket Project of Crafting for a Cause. I feel very good about sending these blankets to the elders, but Ido feel relatively cheap. They only cost $1.99 apiece because of a special that was being run. I had planned on gettingback there before Friday, but it looks like tomorrow will be the day I go back and see what they have available now.

Gene and Idid go back and got 13 more that I will use for afghans with baby layettes.

Can you see the blanket on the right arm of the chair? It matches so well with three colors of Caron Simply Soft that we bought at Wal~Mart. I can't wait until I get to the place where I can make something soft and sweet for a littlle boy born in the OB Ward on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.

I just was at You Tube... I went there after Googling Pine Ride, South Dakota. The land is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the conditions that were shown are, as some people say, 3rd World. The comparisons to Haiti ring true inthe suicide rate of teenagers and the life expectancy of the people.

This makes me wonder what else can I do ~

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