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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hoodie Time

Well, I finally broke down yesterday. I went into the deep, dark, depths of my closet, through cobwebs, spiders and bats (not really, but it is the season to be scary) in search of my orange hoodie.

What is so special about this hoodie, you might ask? I'm not sure. But when I look at it, the cuffs of both sleeves are worn through between 20 and 30% of the way around. I have worn it faithfully the two winters we have been in New York and I know I wore it at least two winters in Indiana. So I am now starting on winter #5 ... at the least. Now that sounds so strange. I am wearing a sweatshirt that is older than the four children that I spent time with this past weekend.

S~C~A~R~Y ! ! ! ! ! Or am I just cheap? (I personally vote for #2.)

When Gene asks me what I want for Christmas this year, I'm asking for a new, Leo Brown Orange hoodie. (Those of you in Logan will know who Leo Brown is.... and the guys who work for the construction company wear orange t-shirts and sweatshirts.) I think I will name the new one.... if he remembers to get it, Leo!

Still not ready to write about the "baby - haircut" vacation. I'm still sleep deprived from sitting up in the train car and barely make sense to myself, let alone writing something that will go down in history.

Until I get rested~

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