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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hither an Yon and the Winter Olympics

I have been looking, and reading, at blogs of friends . . which, of course, leads me to blogs they read and to blogs they read, etc., etc.

I have realized that I have a boring looking blog . . not enough pictures, recollections and a DAMN UGLY template.
So, I started on my blog templates quest. Yesterday I found a GORGEOUS one with flowers spilling down from the top of the middle column. Can I find it today . . . NO! Talk about being pissed off.

So, I decided to ask my follower . . and when I checked, I have 21!
kisses TO ALL OF YOU ! ! ! ! ! ! !

You really have NO IDEA what it means to me to have people who really think my blog is good enough to follow . . follow me. It humbled me. I guess I feel like Sally Fields when she said, "You Like Me. You Really Like Me."

back to the neat blogs.
They seem to have GREAT templates.
Please let me know where I can find
I so want to have a better looking blog!

I can do one thing they do . . post pictures.

So here is a collection to give you a gist of my life.

1st . . .this was our wedding present from my niece Lauren.
It has been packed away since we moved.
After redecorating the living room to our color choices,
I finally
got it out,
found a place for it
put it up
now enjoy it every day.

It hangs perfectly under one of the steps on our stairs in the living room.

Another special item was the picture that I was given when I retired from teaching,
after 34 years,
mainly in middle school
everyone says people are nuts to teach these ages
they are right
but I LOVED that age
not so much administration though.

My gift was made by one of the cafeteria workers that I had as a student.
I had cross stitched almost all the while I was there,
had cross stitched for all of my "at work" friends.
I was so taken aback by how perfect it was for me.

The complete faculty and staff signed it.
I don't know if I cried then
but it grabs at my heart every time I look at it now.

Like Lauren's painting
it now hangs in a space under one of the steps
on our stairway in the living room.

As a matter of fact
when I got it I knew exactly where it would be going
it only took 3 1/2 years to "get 'er done."

This year, Rachel asked me to make Anna a winter hat
she had outgrown her baby hat from last year.
These are the pictures of what I came up with.
I just LUVS ME SOME BRAIDS ! ! ! ! !

When we got their Christmas Card this year
there she was
hat and all
with her brothers
at Columbia Park Zoo in Lafayette.
Sure made "Aunt" Paula smile from ear to ear.
As a Thank you, she sent us this snow globe
for our Anniversary.
The glass made it glare
but you can see the picture
we were at our wedding rehearsal
dong our practice lap down the aisle.
On the bottom
is a button
that when pushed
her Luke, I believe,
is wishing
"Happy Anniversary Gene and Paula. From The Hainjes."

needed something difficult to do.
Here is the 1st picture of 2 days worth of knitting
No Laughing from the peanut gallery at how small it is.
Remember, I crochet,
haven't knit anything worthwhile since Allison was born
some 30+ years ago.
And, last,
but by no wheres not least
I now have an addiction for charms
stitch markers
wine glass charms
and beading.
This is what my charm area looks like!
PS . . no time for Winter Olympics writings . . . .it is almost supper time and I am FAMISHED . . and no wise cracks about how I could live for eons on the "energy" my body has stpored . . .

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  1. Hi, Paula! What a cute sense of humor you have! I enjoy reading your blog, and I don't think it's boring at all. I have used blog templates from 2 sites, myonecuteblog.com and hotdiggityblog.com. There are a bunch of neat sites on the web, but these were the first ones I tried, and I liked what I found, especially myonecuteblog.com. (More choices)

    P.S. My 27-year-old daughter, who is pictured on my blog, is also a middle school teacher. She teaches Special Ed to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. She loves kids and really found her calling with those angels who have special needs.


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