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Monday, February 15, 2010

Stay With What I have

I tried looking for new backgrounds last night and today.
I found one that I really liked . . copied and pasted and guess what . . .
it wouldn't work . . .
some code was off.
Then I found another, said it was for the latest version of blogger . . .
it wouldn't work either.
So now, I went to the site that ByHook uses . .
this background/template was taking forever to upload
so I just decided
the hell with it today.
Will stay with what I have
and see if there are any pictures
of the Cherry Christmas Afghan I made that I can show off.
Nothing like patting oneself on the back to make one feel better.
These are the 1st pictures I took of the blocks
in the way I wanted them organized.
I took the blocks/squares out to the driveway
and laid them out in a "pleasing" manner.
Then up to the front porch
and checked the pattern out.
I had Gene move them around
and was that ever fun giving directions
when I couldn't use the names of the squares
since he had no idea of what they were.
When I finally got around to piecing them together,
I ended up,
I think,
connecting them in a row instead of a column.
Or, perhaps the bottom row became the top row . .
I think this is what I did.
Either way,
I still liked it.
I wanted to give it the look of a stained glass window . . .
with the yellow as the "wood" between the panes.
The more I completed, the more I liked the look.
When finished,
it was a very sunny
winter day.
So the afghan and ,
and of course Indy,
went out on the porch
for the picture taking.
No rocker on the porch
but the swing gives it a little
of the old fashioned charm it required.
This past Saturday morning, I took it to the dry cleaners . .
hopefully they will be able to remove more of the animal hairs than I can.
Then, when I pick it up,
off with it to the "mayor of Grove Street,"
who happens to be a man who lives down the street.
He knows absolutely everybody
and talks to everyone,
thus the name "mayor."
When we talked to him,
during one of the actual snows this year when Gene shoveled,
I asked if he could use it
for an American Legion raffle
or Vietnam Veterans raffle?
Either way, someone would get some use out of it.
He gave me the funniest look,
so I explained a little more.
He said they would take it . . and any others I make.
Now, I have a purpose
for making the squares
and swapping them.
I can donate them to a good cause
and they can use them in whatever manner they choose . .
and I can still maintain my addiction to crocheting squares.

Square, beading and charm addict . . wonder where the meetings are for SBAA is located?(5317)


  1. Oh my gosh, Paula!!! This is so supergorgeous. Awesome. Amazing! Love it.

  2. Just left a comment, but can't see it. This is gorgeous, amazing & beautiful. I love it!!!

  3. Hi, Paula! Just a suggestion about the blog background. If you haven't done this already, you need to go into Blogger's customize feature and make sure your current background is set to "Minima". It's at the very top left. Then, you go back and do a copy/paste of the HTML code for the background you are wanting. Maybe that will work. I was having trouble getting mine to work, also, then did some research and discovered the thing about using "Minima" as the base background. Hope that works . . . if not, just keep making those squares!!! :)


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