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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spud's Bunny . . . Squares #13

Wanna see something cute . . .
I know, I know
patting myself on the back again.

Well, isn't he just adorable?
Don't ask me how I know he is a he
he just looks like a he to me.
(Does that sound Dr. Seus-ish?)

I have made bunny patterns before:

But neither of these patterns
were square
so they couldn't make them into
a 12" x 12" afghan square.
(Well, I tried, but let's not discuss that one.)

I found some quadril graph paper
you know,
if you are as old as me,
the graph paper we used in algera and geometry.
(Talk about tiny squares killing the eyes . .WOW!)

I sketched it out
then crocheted it
but it wasn't finished yet.
Next came the eyes,
and teeth.
(Don't you just LOVE the teeth?)

When I was done
I just sat there and laughed at him
he was just so funny
in a cute way.

If you like him,
he is available for purchase.
Just click on the link
and it will take you to my pattern shop in Ravelry.
The cost $1.00.
100% of the purchase price for the pattern goes to the Wyoming County SPCA, Wyoming County, NY.

This Pattern Designing is Just Too Much FUN!


  1. Should I say that yes I do remember that graph paper? Your square turned out great and his teeth are precious. I agree, he just looks like a he. Isn't it funny how we feel things like that? You have done a great job, thanks for sharing him.


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