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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

USA 3 / Switzerland 1

USA Hockey won their 1st game. I couldn't believe how negative the announcers were toward the US team. I have the idea that no matter how the US plays, they won't be good enough.

For having only one practice before the game, I found it interesting how well they played. I know that all players have played the same, or similar, plays from pee-wee hockey through the NHL . . and some US players are in college . . . so I am sure they all have similar backgrounds in plays but each team plays different . . some melding all of them,I am sure, is a trick.

Next game for the US will be against Norway . . then on Saturday night, I believe, the US plays Canada. Now THAT should be a real knee slapper/nail biter of a game.

I am sure, according to the announcers, Canada will be perfectly aligned and the US will be minor leagues.

Nothing Like Following the Winter Olympics

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