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Friday, April 23, 2010

Background Changes

I just LOVE the scrapbook looking backgrounds on blogs . . but on them I can't write as much as I like. Well, I can write as much, but it is so compressed into a column in the middle of the blog. I like to have  mine spread out. More as if I were writing in on a sheet of paper . . wide paper, no doubt, but paper.

So, I went back to the Light Denim Stretch template. But now, I lose the red, white and blue that I liked so much on my last blog template. You know me, I can never have to much red, white and blue in my closet. If you don't know me . . for the last 10 years (+/-) that I taught school the "uniform" I wore were blue jeans jumpers, navy hose, penny loafers and a blouse or turtle/mock turtle neck t-shirt. I am sure people got tired of them, but I LOVE the look of denim . . specially when it gets worn and faded. Some of those poor jumpers had been on their last leg for several years but I just couldn't part with them . . even though they did look like the color of some of my brother's old summer jeans shorts . . . just not as raggedy around the bottom . . thank God! ! !

I found a site that had blinkies . . . boy oh boy did it have blinkies. I think I am in love with them now. They had the BEST American blinkies I have seen. This made me realize that I can put them in my blog to get the red/white/blue look I love . . AND . . . still have a stretch template.

Now, I just wonder how long I will keep this template format?

Just a Red, White and Blue Kinda Girl


  1. like the new look
    so glitzy and sparkly
    how do you do that moveable stuff????

    what was the reference to the death mask???
    I must have lost (or missplaced) those brain cells .... remind me, please?

  2. you are my source of inspiration, I really must jazz up my blog. PS I'd never heard of the Jersey Boys, although it appears I must be the only one around who hasn't but it got me flicking theorugh a few of the old original hits


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