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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Help Me Find Something

Somewhere out there in cyberpsace I saw something I wanted and now can't locate it.

On one of the blogs that I follow, I looked at some of the blogs THEY follow.

On one of these "I looked at who I follow follow" blogs I saw  a scroll that showed the buttons of who they follow. How do I get one of these? ? ? ? ? ?

(Doesn't that sound like a spoiled child who has to have what someone else has?)

And, I also saw a scroll with someones blog awards . . I want one of those too . . even though I only  have one award, I am hoping for more :0/ (that's my weak smile . . as in hoping I get more and wondering if I will . . they sure feel good when someone thinks your doing a good job.)

So help me out, will you. Lead me in the right direction . . not astray . .although being led astray does sound like fun, I have too much yarn and too little time for that!

Looking for a Scrolling Widget that I Can Use


  1. I can't help you with any of your desires, but when I have a blog award to give, I promise I'll send it your way... :-)

  2. Cant help either but really love your background...


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