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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Outdoor Tour of Our Little Patch of Western New York

The photos of the back yard were taken clockwise from Leona's garden to the south.

 The hyacinths in our neighbor Leona's garden
When we go out our back door
This is what we smell.
How Heavenly.

The herb garden
with another climbing rose that I want to let run wild.

The Cherry Tree is getting prettier and prettier every day.

Under the Cherry Tree.
Look at all the shade already!
This is Indy's Race Track.
We moved all of the wild violets here last summer.
They are spreading nicely.
If you look closely by the petal, from one of the Cherry Blossoms,
you can see the shoots coming up from one of our Hostas.

This Hosta is a little further along
 So are these
 These were the 1st Hostas I noticed this spring.
They should look great
as the "infield"
 to Indy's race track.

One of our 3 peony bushes.

Looks like some woodland blue bells are in the daffodil and tulip bed. 

 This is my GORGEOUS Lilac Bush . .
what a sweet smell these flowers make.

Our Clematis and miniature climbing rose bush trellis.
Looks like both are leafing already/ 

 Three Columbines and a Coneflower
(color of coneflower to be determined upon bloom . . LOLOL)
Columbine #2 . . . 
Hum . . .looks like a guest from the front yard is visiting the columbine bed . .
Wonder how this coneflower got here?   
Columbine #3

Right in the shade of a fence post is a lily showing her first leaves. 
With her Asiatic lily sisters  ahead of her.

Not sure what this is . . but it's growing . . :o} 

Front flower bed pictured were taken clockwise from the north.

The front flower bed is coming along nicely. 

More and more leaves are filling out the miniature butterfly bush.
I wonder if only miniature butterfly will visit it?
Hum . . . . . 

Nothing like daffodils, hyacinths and tulips out at the same time. 

The Flower Fairy is all smiles again this year. 

 Looks like Frog and Toad are still playing the same game of checkers.

 Our two climbing roses that will definitely need something to climb on this summer.

 The lavender is starting to bud.

 Isn't there always a dandelion in every crowd?

 Poor Indy, got left inside and could only look out the front door when I was taking pictures.
Doesn't she look sad?

 And finally, Miss Marcus getting ready to take a name on my Cheery Christmas Afghan.

Aren't My Flower Beds Precious

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  1. how lovely! did you get snow on saturday? I called my sister, who lives in North Collins...is that close to you? She said she had snow saturday but it didn't stick.


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